Take a dip into the wellbeing of our spring waters

Our hotel has two thermal pools, open every day from 8 am to 7 pm.

Communicating indoor and outdoor pools

Our hotel has a communicating indoor and outdoor pool; thanks to this connection, it is possible to take a dip in the inner pool and swim in the open air even in the coldest months without suffering from the sudden change of temperature.

The two pools have thermal water at a temperature between 30° and 34°C; the specific composition of the thermal water and its temperature are ideal for relaxing contracted muscles, relieving built-up tension and above all, for treating the aftereffects of bone and muscle traumas, as well as rheumatic diseases.

Health springs from our wells

Our thermal water comes from the uncontaminated basins of the Alpine Foothills, flowing underground where its temperature increases considerably (higher than 200°C, or 392° F), once in the Euganean thermal basin, its geological composition allows it to come back to surface with the subsequent cooling.
Next to the mouth of the well the water gushes out at a temperature of about 87°C (or 189° F), enriched with precious mineral salts.

Hyper-thermal bromidic iodic salt water

This unique water (classified as hyper-thermal bromidic iodic salt water), besides being used in bathing and inhaling therapies, finds its main application in the maturation, storage and regeneration of the “mature” thermal mud, which has unrivalled therapeutic characteristics.

Whirlpool beds and cervical waterfalls

The outdoor pool is equipped with whirlpool beds and cervical waterfalls. The massaging effect of the jets of thermal water increases relaxation and at the same time tones the body.

In addition, five times a week there is an enjoyable water aerobics class led by an expert instructor, who will help you keep in shape.

After bathing in the pools we recommend resting poolside, lying comfortably on the beds in order to prolong the relaxing sensations of the thermal water.