We regenerate body and mind with our rich mud therapy

Following the tradition of thermal bath hotels in Abano, our Hotel has its own mud-balneotherapy center with a team of highly qualified operators, who work under the supervision of the Health Director.

The aged mud that is used for your daily sessions is extracted from our basins by hand, therefore we guarantee greater compactness and plasticity of the mud.

The mud-balneotherapy is used in the treatment and the prevention of a wide range of diseases, in particular osteoporosis, fibromyositis rheumatisms (bursitis, tendinitis, periarthritis, tennis elbow), traumatic injuries and after effects of fractures, orthopaedic operations, gout, rheumatism caused by a metabolic disorder and primary inflammatory ones, as well as respiratory diseases.

Mud therapy treatment phases

All mud therapy sessions consist of four fundamental parts:
Like all natural treatments, even the mud-balneotherapy sessions are normally carried out everyday (excluding Sundays), in the morning, so that the effect of the treatment intensifies day after day.


Application of thermal mud (ca. 15/20 min).

Shower and bath

Shower and bath in thermal water (ca. 15/20 min).


Sweat reaction (time varies according to personal response to the treatment).


Invigorating massage for the muscular and nervous systems (15 or 30 min).

Thermal Water

Our thermal water comes from the uncontaminated basins of the Alpine Foothills, flowing underground where its temperature increases considerably (higher than 200°C, or 392° F), once in the Euganean thermal basin, its geological composition allows it to come back to surface with the subsequent cooling. Next to the mouth of the well the water gushes out at a temperature of about 87°C (or 189° F), enriched with precious mineral salts.

This unique water (classified as hyper-thermal bromidic iodic salt water), besides being used in bathing and inhaling therapies, finds its main application in the maturation, storage and regeneration of the “mature” thermal mud, which has unrivalled therapeutic characteristics.